Thursday, November 14, 2019

The 'Take a Bow" ear warmer and beanie!

A pattern by Michelle Plummer
5 Knots North

What you will need:

A medium weight four yarn

measuring tape
tapestry needle
5mm hook


dc-double crochet
hdc-half double crochet
hdc3rdloop-half double crochet in the 3 loop

video on how to crochet into the 3rd loop:

Adult size ear warmer will start the pattern and then, if wanting to make the beanie, follow included steps once the ear warmer height is reached.


Ch 11. In 2nd ch from the hook, work sc. Sc into each ch following. 10 sc's

Turn, ch 1. In the back loop work sc and into each bl of each sc across.

Height of ribbing should be 2-21/2 inches tall.

Work *ch 1, sc in bl across, turn* for 70 rows or until (stretch your work just a bit for a more accurate measure) your band is 20 inches long.


1.  Lengthwise, fold in 1/2 so that both ends meet.  Join with 10-12 sc's. Then ch 2.

2.  Turn work right side out (flip band inside out I guess you could say lol) and work 70 hdc's evenly around band.  Join into 1st st of row, ch 2, in ch2 space work 1st hdc of new row in the 3rd loop.

3.  Continue working in 3rd loop of each st around. Join into 1st st and ch 2. (Chain 2 does not count as stitch)

4.  In ch 2 sp, work 5 dc's, skip 4 sts, work 5 dc's in 5th st.  You will continue this around.

5. When last shell is complete, ch 1 and slip  st into top of first shell from row just worked.

6. Ch 2. work 5 dc's in same space as ch 2. Look to next shell, on that shell count 3 sts and go into the 3rd st which should be right at the top. Work 5 dc's in same space.

7. Continue this around working a shell into the top of each shell from previous row.  Once last shell is completed, ch 1 and join into top of first shell from row just worked.

8.  Continue this pattern for 3 more rows.

9.  In fourth row/round you will start with a shell of 4 dcs, next shell 5 dcs, next shell 4 dcs, and continue this around.

***This should give you a total of 6 shell rows.

10.  Body of ear warmer should be 4 inches in height, not including the ribbing.  If you haven't reached 4 inches in height, add one more row and measure again.

Now we end the ear warmer. Watch following video for how to cinch it!

To make the Beanie, add 5 more rows of shells giving you a total number of 11 rows worked.

Body of Beanie should be 6 1/2 to 7 inches tall
and 8 1/2 to 9 inches wide

To close the top of the beanie, turn work inside out.  Take tapestry needle and yarn and work a slip st through each of the shells, staying as close to the edge as possible.  Then, once completed around, take the yarn and pull to scrunch up and close the top of the hat.  You want all the edges to be facing up when sewing through the top otherwise they will poke out of the top of the hat once turned right side out.

Knot off and weave in ends!  You are all done! YAY!!!

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