Thursday, September 6, 2018

The "Miss Shell Cowl"

A pattern made by
Michelle "Chellie" Plummer
5 Knots North

ch =chain
sp =space
st =stitch
sts =stitches
dc =double crochet
sc =single crochet

stitches used: 
double crochet
single crochet

medium or worsted weight 4

body =6mm
chain tie =5mm


ch 90.  Join ending with beginning chain to form big loop.  loop should go over your head nicely.  If too tight, add 10 sts.

1. after joining, ch 1, sc in each ch st around.

2. join in first st of first row. (work join in the whole st, not just one loop). ch 2. 5 dc in ch 2 sp.  *skip 4 sts, 5 dc's in 5th st from the first shell. *repeat around. ch 1.  join at top of first shell. (3rd st in) 
3. ch 2. in same sp as ch 2, work 5 dc's. 
at top of next shell, work 5 dc's in same st.
continue around in each shell working 5 dc's.
ch 1
4. Steps 4-15... repeat step 3.
16. knot off and weave in ends.

pom pom ties...
(faux fur or yarn poms)

switch to 5mm hook.  chain 125. knot off.
in fourth row from the top of the cowl, weave in the chain you just made.  at ends of each tie, attach pom of your liking or even tassels (I just thought of that lol). Tassels would look super cute.   

and tah-dah!!!  you did it!  You made your shell stitched cowl!

any questions... please feel free to leave a comment below or hit me up on facebook at "5 Knots North".

Thank you for trying my pattern!