Saturday, March 31, 2018



  1. Thanks your’s a little confusing when you do the 15th row...I picked it up more with your video...this is my take on it... Ch2. HDC in same space as Ch2. HDC in next 2 sts. *HDC in between shells miss 1st DC of the 5 shell DC’s & HDC in each of next 4 DC’s* repeat from * to *....hope this helps...see what you think. I am half way through & will take pics to show you mine....I got some of the similar “Stonewash” yarn & tryin it the surrealness of this type of glad I found you & your delightful patterns:)))

  2. Thank you sooo much. I am making the changes and adding that to the pattern. I really needed help with that! I am on Facebook at "5 Knots North". Feel free to share your completed projects to my page! Thanks again, dear! Have a lovely day!