Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The "Heyyy Baby Beanie"

That's right. Here it is finally!!!

For this pattern I used a weight 4 yarn and a size 6mm (J) hook.  Changing the hook size greatly affects the overall size of the hat.  Please take note!  I am also a very tight crocheter but made sure to loosen my tension so as to have a consistent outcome with the beanie.  It's a perfect fit so far and I've made 12 plus of these hats now.

Yarn used here is "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby in "Sand Dunes".

This is a top down pattern...I do not have the pattern for a bottom up version. Sorry!


ch: Chain
st:  Stitch
sts: Stitches
HDC: Haf Double Crochet
DC:  Double Crochet
FP:  Front Post
BP:  Back Post

Stitches used:  Half Double Crochet,  Double Crochet, Crochet in 3rd Loop, Front Post Half Double Crochet, Front Post Double Crochet, Back Post Half Double Crochet, Back Post Double Crochet.

Now....we begin! 

1. Chain 5.  Join with first chain st.
2. Chain 2.  work 10 DC in loop. Join.
3. Chain 2.  2 DC in each st around. Join. =20 sts
4. Chain 2.  2 DC in every 2nd st. Join.  =30 sts
5. Chain 2.  2 DC in every 3rd st.  Join.  =40 sts
6. Chain 2.  2 DC in every 4th st.  Join. =50 sts
7. Chain 2.  2 DC in every 5th st.  Join. =60 sts
8. Chain 2.  DC in each st around.  Join. =60 sts
9. Chain 2.  FP DC in first st, BP DC in second st. Continue alternating FP/BP sts around. Join.
10. Chain 2. FP DC in every  st, around.  Join.
11. Chain 2. HDC around.  Join.
12. Chain 2. HDC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.

13. Chain 2 HDC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.
14. Chain 2 HDC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.
15. Chain 2. DC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.
16. Chain 2. FP/BP DC, around.  Join.
17. Chain 2. FP DC in each  st around.  Join.
18. Chain 2. HDC around.  Join
19. Chain 2. HDC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.
20. Chain 2. HDC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.
21. Chain 2. HDC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.
22. Chain 2. DC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.
23. Chain 2. FP/BP DC, around.  Join.
24. Chain 2. FP DC, around.  Join.
25. Chain 2. HDC, around.  Join.
26. Chain 2. HDC in 3rd loop, around.  Join.
Rim of Beaine...
27. Chain 2. FP/BP HDC, around.  Join.
28. Chain 2. FP/BP HDC around.  Join.
29. Chain 2. FP/BP HDC around.  Join.
30. Chain 2. FP/BP HDC around.  Join.
31. Chain 2. FP/BP HDC around.  Join.
Now we knot off our work and boom.  You got yourself a Heyyy Baby Beanie!!!

And here are a few other ones I have completed....

Alrighty Folks!  Bring on the noise.  Let me here what y'all think concerning this pattern and what could be done to make it more helpful to you!

Keep it safe...Keep it clever...Keep the Love, Peace and Light.  Captain and Chell OUT!


  1. Love it.Super easy to follow but I shortened it just a bit

    1. That's fantastic! I was wondering if the length would be an issue.... ????

  2. Easy to follow pattern. love it. Made one for adult and for child. :)

    1. oh! I would love to see the child version! If you are on Facebook, find my fan page at "5 Knots North" and share your pictures to my page! How cool! Thank you!

  3. How would you do this pattern, so it is a Messy Bun hat?

    1. This isn't my pattern. However, if you did the chain 20 like in #2,then pick up with #3 and go from there should do it. Hope it helps.

  4. Love the huge yarn pom on the white one!! How did you make that? I tried and failed, lol.

  5. What size in inches does this hat turn out? Any other yarn suggestions as I am in Canada?

  6. It looks beautiful, I can't wait to try it out! I'm not sure what crochet in the third Loop means though.

    1. Hi, on this blog GB o to posting ffg or Nov 14th, 2019. It's for a host and beanie. It has a YouTube in the post as bout the 3rd loop. ­čą░

  7. Oh I love this pattern. Made my first one today & it came out great. It is long but it just makes a really sweet slouchy hat. It also looks super cute with the rim folded up. Thank you for sharing the pattern....I can’t wait to make more!!!!

  8. Does chain 2 at start of new row count as a stitch or do you do the first stitch in same stitch as chain?

  9. I just completed this hat today and absolutely LOVE It! It fits well on my 21” head and I like the slouch length too❤️ I am starting on another one today as a request from my 16 year old daughter! In dark purple ��

  10. Love it I'm going to have to make this and I'll send you a picture

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  12. What yarns did you use? Such pretty colors variations.