Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Shelly Skinny Can Coozie

Pattern written and designed by 
Michelle Plummer
5 Knots North

A Pattern for a skinny 11.5oz-12oz can

You will need the following: 5-5.5mm or 6mm hook. Depending on your tension, use what hook will bring you the required measurements.


weight 4 yarn or cotton.  Baby velvet can be used. Adjust hook size to give you the required measurements.

double crochet.....DC
half double crochet....HDC


Ch 5, join to end to form loop.

Ch 2, work 10 DCs in loop. Join with first st of DCs in round. Chain does not count as st.

Ch 1, work 2 HDCs in same space as ch and in each st.around. Totaling 20 HDCs. Join to first st in round.

Ch1, *work 1 HDC in same space as chain, work 2 HDCs in 2nd st,* and continue this around ending with 2 HDCs in last st.

Join with first st of round.

Here it should measure 2 1/2 inches wide.  If too large, use a smaller hook.  If not large enough, use bigger hook.

Ch 2 and work Back Post DC in each s around. Join in first st.

Ch 1, work HDC in each st aroun and join in first st.

Ch2, in same sp, work your first shell of 5 DCs. Skip 4 sts, in 5th st work 5 DCs and  continue around. 6 shells total.

Here is a video to help guide you through joining shell rounds...

Ch 1, slip st into 2nd space closest to the last shell worked, in first shell of round. Then slip st again into next st, the top of first shell in round. Ch 2, work 5 DCs in same sp as ch.

You will work now making your shells at the top of each previous shell from prior row.  They are free standing shells as I like to call them.  The only time you ch 1 after a shell is in the last shell of the round to join.

You will want a total of 7-8 rows of shells, depending on your measurements.

This is the end of the pattern. Please reach out to me via FaceBook at "5 Knots North" for any further guidance or you may email me at "chellie.plummer@gmail.com"

Thank you for trying the pattern and CHEERS!!!!

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